#Easy #Crock #Pot #French #Dip #Sandwiches #chickenrecipes #recipes #dinnerrecipes #easydinnerrecipes

Easy Crock Pot French Dip Sandwiches
#Easy #Crock #Pot #French #Dip #Sandwiches

#Easy #Crock #Pot #French #Dip #Sandwiches #chickenrecipes #recipes #dinnerrecipes #easydinnerrecipes

These Easy Crock Pot French Dip Sandwiches are as simple as adding the ingredients to your slow cooker and letting it infuse your house with the intoxicating aroma of beef simmering in a richly seasoned au jus until it reaches mouthwatering perfection.

There is something about the aroma of a crock pot wafting through the air as the snow falls outside your window. Am I right? Crock pots are great during summer because they won’t heat up your kitchen on sultry days, but they really encapsulate the idealistic winter day when a comforting meal is spitting and sputtering away in a bath of bubbling broth.


During the heart of January, nothing will quite warm up your house like the smell of this easy Crock Pot French Dip cooking on your countertop! And the wait is certainly worth it, the hours transform a simple chuck roast into succulent shreds of flavor-infused beef. Perfect for dunking in a seasoned au jus broth!

There are two ways you can make this: An authentic French Dip Sandwich is made with thinly sliced beef. However, the easier way is just to let the beef continue to cook in the crock pot until it is easily shreddable. This way is easier because you don’t have to monitor the meat to make sure you carve it before it begins to fall apart.

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